Hybrid Cloud Architecture On Premise Servers and Amazon EC2 for Windows Server

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Since 1961 Grupo MEGARADIO has been part of media history, constituting one of the most important radio stations and with the greatest presence in our country.

Currently has the most modern equipment and facilities for the development of communication strategies and advertising campaigns for the public and private sector.


MEGARADIO had the need to begin its process of migration to the cloud, to take advantage of the new technological trends that were required to deliver new innovative services to its customers, however it still had a large number of services that should remain in the data center of the client and it was necessary to carry out a controlled migration with the least impact on its operation.

How we solved it

ANGULAR proposes its MOVE to the Cloud solution that helps customers to begin their process of adopting the cloud in two phases:

Cloud Migration The required architecture process and a controlled migration plan were initiated, and the necessary communication services were integrated to enable secure communication between the services migrated to the AWS cloud and those that would remain in their data centers.

Managed Services. Once the services were successfully migrated, the client adopted our model of managed services that allows him to focus on his business and leave the operation of the technology in the hands of a certified AWS partner.

General AWS products involved

MEGARADIO has a hybrid architecture between on premise servers and servers in the AWS cloud, including coexistence between windows and linux servers, which include monitoring services using Cloud Watch and backup services to keep the operation always available.

AWS Service
  • CloudWatch
  • Data Transfer
  • Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Key Management Service
  • Lambda
  • Simple Storage Service
  • Virtual Private Cloud
AWS Marketplace
  • Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (sold by Fortinet, Inc.)

AWS service delivery program involved

Compute Services: Amazon EC2 for Windows Server

MEGARADIO uses the Active Directory services in its data center for the local validation of its users and the Office 365 services. As part of its high availability practice, the replication service towards AWS Directory Service was enabled.

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José Vicente Calderón Ríos IT Manager

“ANGULAR helped us to implement a hybrid strategy, without requiring new and expensive investments in local hardware and software, this was important because we simplified the operations and managed to create a migration plan according to the times set by the business.”